About me

I'm a developer, a dreamer, an IT expert. I have been working for over 10 years in the areas of R&D, Design, Implementation and Management of advanced technological projects. In particular in the field of software development. I've also gained a wealth of experience as a System administrator , gaining a strong background in Hardware, Software and Web-based applications. At this time I am iOS developer for my company. I have made the internal iOs software used by technician staff and the main company App for the AppStore, plus some of my own Apps. I mastered Cocoa /Objective-C almost 5 years ago through passionate self-teaching and experience with small projects. Now I love developing on this platform; My experience working on this platform makes for a rich understanding of framework conventions, best practices, memory management, and development tools. I'm passionate about quality and maintainability when it comes to code and application architecture. In my free time I continue to study the framework and I am always looking for ways to better the UI of my applications. In the past I've created a lot of software for the web and desktop for control very complex project in robotics, automation and security fields in C# and Actionscript with Flex 4 frameworks. I am very passionate about what I do and I have a desire to grow as well as a strong motivation and curiosity that always accompanies me . Good relationship skills and a strong ability to work in teams which I feel makes for a strong work ethic.
For more information you can download my CV